Greater Than Gatsby Photoshop Collection- A Review

Those of you who are familiar with photography know that a lot of the job is spent behind a computer, rather than behind the lens. As much as I wish I could spend all my time, camera in hand, with the wonderful people who let me document their lives, I end up spending around 80% of my day at the computer. A large portion of this time is spent editing and fine tuning my images. I spend so much time on these images in the hopes that they maintain a timeless feel for the families in them.

Greater Than Gatsby has created many sets of photoshop actions that I love using to streamline my editing workflow. Most recently I have fallen in love with their “innocence workflow II” collection. This set has 6 new Colour Bases, 28 new Artistic Tones and numerous mind-blowing enhancements. I found it was the perfect set of actions for our annual outdoor summer mini sessions and is perfect for kids portraits

The Innocence Workflow set has been perfect for bringing out the warmth, and richness in these sessions.

To create this PHOTO we used a number of the workflow actions provided in the innocence collection. We started out with the “Endless Summer” workflow colour base. This added some nice warmth and colour boost to the overall image. From there we played around with some of the Artistic Enhancements to create a warm matte image. We ended up using “Leamon Head”, this brought a clean warmth to the bricks and the surrounding in the photo, and” Sour Patch” added a soft blush. We also decided on “Good & Plenty” this added a richness to the shadows. All of these actions together achieve our end product.

This set of actions also has a great selection of colourful masks and vignettes that add a beautiful finishing touch. On this particular image, I chose to use “Dark Green Vignette” to really pull the focus back to Cruz’s face.

After spending some time figuring out the perfect balance of actions to get the feel I was looking for, I was able to play around with different masks and vignettes to create different effects.

I applied all the same Artistic Enhancements to this photo, but wanted it to have a warmer overall effect without changing Emma’s skin tone. In order to get that feel, I used the “Sun & Rain Vignette”  from the set of Sundrenched Vignettes. This vignette is great, and adds a touch of warmth to the sun shining through in the back. Choosing from the different vignettes was so difficult as each one added something special to the photos. They really help to create the back lit feel without worrying about over exposing my photos

These were just some of my favourite actions in this stunning set. I can’t wait to play around with these actions more to see what else can be created. If you’re interested in purchasing this stunning set, or others like it, you can find them at




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